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  • Product Name: EJM series Diesel Self-priming Sewage Pump Set
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  • Added time: 2011-04-14
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EIFEL EJM series are diesel self-priming sewage pump set with the advanced device Maintenance Hole and Wear Plate. They can transfer of liquid containing sand,particle and solid in suspension, superior in performance and maintenance.


Design & Material  
• Bare Shaft  • Direct Coupled with Electric Motor or Engine
Design Performance and Dimensions referring to the European standard
Structure Semi-openimpeller,Horizontal,Single-Stage,Single-Suction,Self-priming 
DN (mm) 40 - 200
Flange All EJ pumps are casted with flange
Casing Cast Iron standard,Ductile Iron optional,Bronze optional
Impeller Ductile Iron standard,Bronze,ASTM304,ASTM316 optional
Shaft ASTM1045 standard,ASTM304,ASTM316,ASTM420 optional
Shaft Seal Mechanical Seal(Sic-Sic/Viton)
Operating Data  
Flow Rate(Q) 2-160 l/s
Head(H) 4-60m
Speed 1450~2900 rpm(50HZ), 1750~3500 rpm(60HZ)
Temperature 105
Working Pressure  0.6 MPa
Max Solids 76 mm
Sewage Treatment Plant
Portable Emergency Fire Fighting
Marine – Ballasting & Bilge
Liquid transfer:Transfer of liquid containing sand,particle and solid in suspension
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